SLED Corporation

The SLED Corporation is an Indiana-based non-profit organization determined to be the premier community partner for the formerly incarcerated and the underserved. 

“Saving Lives Every Day”

Our Mission

The cycle of criminal behavior is difficult to break and often involves a comprehensive approach to address a host of issues; including but not limited to: Employment, Housing, Substance Abuse, Mental Health Treatment, Education, Healthy Living/Wellness, Recovery, Financial Literacy, Life Skills Training and Trauma Informed Care. We will extend all services to our Honored Veterans population to enhance, enrich, and empower their lives.

The Road to Success

The Road to Success can sometimes be very challenging and offers a multitude of obstacles for a young person to navigate. The debate about where and how we may best feed our hunger for mastery, success, prestige, approval, safety, and achievement is fiercer than ever.

It’s proven the Road to Success is not a straight line. We want to work hand to hand with our clients to take a strategic Leap of Faith to align and discover their purpose in life; establish a more harmonious life and work balance and bear witness to individual, family and community transformation.

Four Pillars For Success

Our 4 Pillars of Success Include:

Individualized Consideration

Coach, Teach, Facilitate, Mentor

Intellectual Stimulation

Challenging Assumptions

Inspirational Motivation

Growth Mindset, all for the Greater Good

Idealized Influence

Decision making towards the Greater Good

About Corey's House

S.L.E.D. is an emerging nonprofit in the Indianapolis area that is determined to be the premier community partner for the underserved, marginalized and formerly incarcerated population. We will discover a Vision, Interpret a Mission and Disseminate a Strategy that will afford everyone their GOD given right to a quality life. Our community Health & Wellness Initiative will revolve around our Sober Living Transitional Housing called: Corey’s House.

How We Can Help

S.L.E.D. wants our VISION of attacking mental health to begin with self discovery by crafting a specialized treatment plan for each client that will offer them a new sense of revived direction.

S.L.E.D. will administer mental health interventions to include programs for preventing violence and stress (reducing availability of drugs, alcohol and access to firearms), employment, housing and community development (raising community awareness, conducting mental health screening events and leveraging social media.