Crime Prevention Initiative

S.L.E.D.’s anti violence crime prevention effort is set apart by our multidisciplinary approach to ending and eradicating violence in the Indianapolis area and surrounding counties. We will lead an unprecedented cross agency, cross sector effort to address our city’s and state’s staggering increase in violent crime. Our approach will include developing a partnership from government, faith, community, business and local media.

There are many factors that lead to community violence, and each must be addressed in different ways. S.L.E.D.’s initiatives seek to address as many of these factors as possible, using a combination of Prevention, Intervention and Response. While current violent offenders must be stopped. S.L.E.D.will focus primarily on Prevention as a long-term strategy. The earlier we can prevent violence -by building up individuals, families and communities the more effective we will be.

Our programs and practices will be integrated with the successful activities of existing community programs and services. We will build on the knowledge of risk and protective factors and use evidence-based practices. In addition, these programs and practices will be measurable and focused on specific priorities. To include the following:

  • S.L.E.D. Job Corps: Assisting our clients in securing living wage employment
  • Connect and Assist our clients with Stable Housing
  • Substance Abuse Programming and Treatment
  • Combating Mental Health – a healthy mind signifies a health body
  • Trauma Informed Care Recognizing and responding to the signs, symptoms and risks
  • Life Skills Training
  • Programs and Services for at Risk Youth and Families
  • Leadership and Resiliency Programs
  • Community Youth Development
  • Functional Family Therapy