Corey’s House

S.L.E.D. is an emerging nonprofit in the Indianapolis area that is determined to be the premier community partner for the underserved, marginalized and formerly incarcerated population. We will discover a Vision, Interpret a Mission and Disseminate a Strategy that will afford everyone their GOD given right to a quality life. Our community Health & Wellness Initiative will revolve around our Sober Living Transitional Housing called: Corey’s House.

At Corey’s House residents will reclaim their lives becoming emotionally whole and prepared with skills that allow them to reunite with loved ones, achieve jobs with a livable wage and career developing opportunities and build a supportive community. Understanding S.L.E.D. ‘s Mission and the purpose of Corey’s House is to best appreciate the important role that community-based interventions must play on behalf of the men and women of all ages who live, work, worship, learn and play in our community.

Health is influenced by many factors, which may generally be organized into five broad categories known as determinants of health: Genetics, Behavior, Environmental, and Physical Influences, Medical Care and Social Factors. These (5) categories are all interconnected. Leveraging what has been learned about the key determinants of health and the associated priorities of each provides the framework for our work.

S.L.E.D.(Sober Living Every Day) mission and programs will be actualized through Corey’s House; a residential facility providing a safe space for culturally – responsive conversations, personal interactions, education and healing. Corey’s House is 4000 square ft. – 6-bedroom facility located on 1.55 acres will address the universal need of every human being, “a place to call home” and a communal gathering place for men who share the same pain.