Housing Initiative

S.L.E.D. is dedicated and proud to introduce its housing initiatives that are targeted to impact the underserved, extremely low income, (ELI), low income, veterans, and other walks of life in need of our assistance and knowledge.

Our members come with over a combined 100 years of experience in property management, acquisitions, real estate management, realty brokerage, mortgage lending, appraisal, credit repair, construction and renovation. We look forward to using our past and present expertise to create a first class housing experience for our clients.

Our housing will consist of single family homes, multi-family homes, apartments, commercial and in the future mixed use which will encompass housing with needed businesses that provide amenities to support the household day-to-day necessities (grocery, convenient, pharmacy/medical).

The shortage of affordable housing has affected communities in urban and rural areas, big and small. S.L.E.D. has not identified one state that has enough housing for low-income renters. The crisis is especially dire because around 11 million extremely low low-income (ELI) renters spend more than 40 percent of their income on rent; 8 million of those renters are considered severely cost burdened, forced to pay more than half of their salaries.

But across the county, community-based, nonprofit real estate companies have emerged to meet the challenge and curb the housing shortage and support the underserved communities. S.L.E.D. will join that family of nonprofits and look to become the the leader in Indianapolis, IN and other hard hit Indiana cities and towns. And eventually branching out to communities across America.